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Student Music Tutorials

The following Teaching Material below is free to view only by my students.

All material copyright of (RGT) Registry of Guitar Tutors.


These resources are provided by RGT free of charge for RGT tutors to use in their teaching.

The resources may be freely printed by current RGT members and distributed to students providing they are not ‘sold’ and providing the RGT acknowledgement at the bottom of each sheet is not omitted.


E major scale 2 octaves  E natural minor scale 2 octaves
A major scale 2 octave  A pentatonic major scale 2 octaves
G natural minor scale 2 octaves  A pentatonic minor scale 2 octaves
E blues scale 2 octaves  A harmonic minor scale 2 octaves
A major chord  D major chord
B7 chord  G dominant 7 chord
F major chord  E minor 7 chord
A6 chord

Collection of basic open position chords in fret boxes and tab