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One-to-One Tuition

"It All Starts Here...."

I structure all lessons to my students needs and work at their pace. I don't use any strict methods or put unnecessary pressure on my students, but instead gauge each lesson to the personal progress of the student.

We move along at their personal speed and ability.
I teach and guide my students through simple exercises and scales, whilst also introducing them to various chords, leading to chord progressions and then moving on to popular and classic rock and pop songs for the student to learn and play.
They learn about rhythm playing, lead playing (including the use of various soloing techniques) finger picking, music theory and simplified song writing.
If they so wish, they can work towards RGT graded exams in electric and/or acoustic guitar or electric bass guitar.

 They can also work towards Popular Music Theory grades.
Either learn from home on a personal level or use video link through Zoom etc. or travel to me for lessons.

They are personal and privately delivered to you in a personal method.
Please contact me to find out more and book your first lesson!

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